5 acre paradise of fragrant pine woods and coastal French

Push through the hotel’s brass studded door and you arrive in a courtyard lined with Moorish arches and cosy bhous (seating nooks). Couples talk in secret alcoves crowded with busts, books and objet d’art. As most of the team has been at the house for nearly two decades things work like a well oiled machine.

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purse replica handbags This opulent Napoleon III chateau from 1870, cocooned in a glorious 22.5 acre paradise of fragrant pine woods and coastal French gardens, is a mythical French Riviera address. Super chic wedding ceremonies happen outside, in the intimacy of a majestic tree lined alley flanked by rose gardens or with sweeping sea view on the Champagne Lounge terrace. Haute couture celebrations continue with gastronomic dining for up to 150 guests by Michelin starred chef Arnaud Potte on yet another sumptuous sea faring terrace, or with dancing in the les de Lrins ballroom purse replica handbags.

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