But when you add on the fact that most customer service people

Why do people do this

???Jump to Last Post 1 13 of 13 discussions (23 posts)Most people here don’t know this, but I’m 90% deaf. Yes, that’s pretty bad, however I talk fine and most never know it. Frankly it does not bother my personal life a bit. However,,,,Every time I go to the checkout at a store and get asked something, or get approached by someone, I shake my head and say “I’m sorry but I’m 90% deaf, can’t hear a canada goose outlet mississauga thing” and wave my hand like “just forget about it”.NOW, once I state that, I assume they will canada goose outlet winnipeg do one canada goose outlet store calgary of two things. They will say “oh, sorry, never mind then” and not try to ask me anything more.OR they will look me in the eye, speak up loud and really try to make sure I hear them.BUT NO! Instead almost every time they repeat what they just said, just as soft, without looking at me. WTF? Hello, if I already told you I can’t hear you, what makes you think I will this time!?So I end up saying the same damn thing “uh, I said I’m 90% deaf, I can’t hear you, ok? Never mind it”. They then will ask me several more times the same thing, even looking away.Would you ask a blind man twice what color your car is? No, so why keep saying the same thing just as softly and even looking away from someone who just told you they can’t hear????I just don’t get that and I really want canada goose outlet to know why they do that? Some even keep asking me questions of all kinds as I just stand there with this “boy are you stupid” look in my face.I just want them canada goose coats uk to not ask me anything, just forget about it. It’s always just “how’s your day, or did you find everything” stuff anyways.So, do you do that? canada goose outlet boston If so why? If not, any idea why others do that? It gets very tiring to deal with this all day long. Thankfully I spend most of my day at home working.Fiction Tellerposted 8 years agoin reply to thisI think I know, and it’s hard to describe, but I’ll give it a shot, because I worked in customer service for many years.I believe it’s because most of social interaction is habit, and it’s hard enough to break out of habit when you’re just chatting. But when you add on the fact that most customer service people operate on “scripts” that they use the same things said, over and over it’s even harder to get them to depart from them it’s like asking a typist to suddenly use an entirely new style of keyboard, or a doctor to word all her questions a different way, or a teacher to start off a semester without ever giving his introductory lecture. We work by patterns, performing the same function over and over, and those patterns are a lot less flexible than the more organic patterns in casual social interaction.In some places I’ve worked as a customer service rep, we got “scripts” supplied us ahead of time for less common situations such as helping someone with a disability. You have to go off your usual “smile and assist” mode to “smile and assist mode 2” mode. It takes a bit of a jump. It’s not a matter of intelligence, it’s one of momentum. It helped if the customer eased the way for me in some way for instance, by stating exactly what they need, not just the fact that they can’t reach the counter from the wheelchair.The same thing happens to me every time I go to the doctor. I always have the same request that disconcerts the nurses, because it’s just so far outside their routine and training. So I’ve learned to present it in a way that says “That’s final. Nothing more needed from your end.”So the solution, I’ve found, is to take charge of canada goose outlet uk fake the game. Rewrite the rules ahead of time. So instead of saying, “I can’t hear you,” add the obvious: “I can’t hear you, but that’s canada goose outlet factory okay. Just let me know if there’s anything more you need from me” or whatever.Sufidreamerposted 8 years agoin reply to thisI would agree with that, Bill I think that the other thing is the type of shop. When I worked in a small hardware store, we had the time to talk to the customers as individuals. I learned sign language at 12, because my best friend then was deaf, but could not talk, mind you we were still young.Bill, having spent my life with deaf folk, I see what to me is canada goose factory outlet ignorance, when in fact it’s more about most people have not been around certain disabilities. And not understanding it is not a disability as much as a challenge. Gosh, I made all the embarrassing mistakes, like signing back what someone had said. Continually forgetting she/he canada goose outlet ontario read lips better than a https://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com CIA opMaybe Bill, some people are just nervous how to act in fear of making you feel deaf. When they don’t realize, um, you are 90% so what does that mean? Is it only loud noises? Or just a faint mumble of activity?But yes Bill, there will always be people who just go through the motions, couldn’t care either way. And so you should return the favour, while understanding them, keep shaking your head to make them repeat themselves.

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