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The quest is called The Army of Meridia, but unlike most quests there are no clear markers. In order to complete it you have to canada goose coats on sale find and complete two other quests. One of them is at the canada goose outlet sale Black Forge to the east where you will find Vanus Galerion who will lead the mage guild in the final attack, the other is at the Moonless Walk to the west where you will canada goose outlet parka find the last Ayleid king canada goose outlet who canada goose clearance sale will lead the fighters guild in the final attack.

Once both characters have been introduced to their respective guilds in Hollow City you will be able to talk to the groundskeeper who will open the northern gate of the city. From there the quests become more linear.

I have a lot of free time, about 12 hours Canada Goose online a day.

The canada goose factory sale in game skills advisor is actually not terrible, even though canada goose uk outlet it doesn always give you the best advice on skill morphs.

At your level I official canada goose outlet was still engrossed in the Glenumbra quest line and was canada goose clearance having a blast just exploring the different zones. There sooooooooooo much to do in ESO, buy canada goose jacket just take things bit by bit. Once you bored with questing you may be interested in doing more dungeons, or power leveling, or doing some PVP, or getting into economics, etc.

The quick uk canada goose and dirty noob advice I would give you is:

level your horse every canada goose outlet shop day. canada Canada Goose Outlet goose black friday sale Get speed to 60, then carrying capacity, Canada Goose Online then stamina.

Once you are level 10 canada goose outlet store uk and canada goose outlet black friday can get cheap canada goose uk canada goose outlet nyc into canada goose outlet canada Cyrodiil, go there and do the tutorial quest. That will give you enough buy canada goose jacket cheap AP to get you to level 2 in your PVP skills where you can unlock Rapid Maneuver. It makes a massive difference in your horse speed and is such a huge help pretty much canada canada goose black friday sale goose factory outlet at all times

Do the daily crafting canada goose outlet toronto factory writs, they give you 4k per day per toon, that big money when you low level

If you want to level your legerdemain, do it by stealing everything in the two boats in Daggerfall harbor, there are no guards around canada goose outlet in usa below deck and inside the top cabins. There an uk canada goose outlet outlaw refuge canada goose uk black friday nearby. If you put 1 point in Legerdemain into the Trafficker passive you will canada goose coats be able to sell canada goose outlet jackets 110 items per day instead of the default 50.

If you have the Dark Brotherhood cheap Canada Goose DLC, it worth grinding your DB rank up to canada goose jacket outlet 7 to unlock the Shadow Rider passive, it basically makes you invisible to enemies while mounted.

I have a lot canada goose outlet online uk of free time, about 12 hours canada goose outlet reviews a canada goose store day. Eventually you may want gear from trials as well, but at that point you be squeezing out Canada Goose Coats On Sale a little more performance so goose outlet canada canada goose uk shop it not absolutely necessary.

For dungeons I use the group finder a lot. PUGs tend to say hello at the start of the dungeon, do the dungeon silently, and then say “good game” at the end and disband, it very close to playing solo. The vast majority of dungeon runs are fine so don be scared off by the horror stories.

For PVP I just drop into Cyrodiil and either say “LFG” in zone chat or honestly I just look at the map and see if there are any keeps under attack and I just go canadian goose jacket there. Again most of PVP is pretty anonymous, people just move as a zerg and the group leader will just tell the group where to go next.

If either one of those options doesn sound fun you could canada goose outlet new york city always join a guild. There are social guilds where people get Canada Goose Parka on discord and chat while playing, there are canada goose outlet uk trading guilds that are focused on the economic aspects of the game, there are PVP guilds that canada goose outlet store do PVP content together, and there are endgame content / trials guilds that are focused canada goose on coordinated runs of super hard content.

People are generally pretty nice, don be afraid to ask around if you need help with canada goose outlet uk sale something, otherwise feel free to play solo if you rather do that.

We pulled the boss to canada goose outlet online the corner of the arena and that way the spawning Canada Goose Jackets adds could not damage us.

Wait. were they not spawning the geysers? I thought that hit all party members regardless of where canada goose outlet Canada Goose sale they are on the map.

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