Equally devastating private firings go uncounted

Members, Leon nor Claire will ever be a target, but one can dream for a little cameo right?Similar with Nemesis, is Claire’s Mr. X issue, a monster that only wants to get at her charge a later reveal that she is the daughter of Umbrella scientists and that her father had been transformed into the hideous monster.What Ada’s section of the game entails and if it takes place in other locations of Raccoon City is yet to be seen, but it would be interesting to see Ada setting up her next blackmail and covering her tracks from the previous evils she has ensued in the first game.I hope for exterior shots of a grittier Raccoon City, the one I imagined when I played those earlier games and wished for gaming pixels and frame rates to catch up to what I could imagine a place like Raccoon City would look like after weeks of infection and most of the population turned.Resident Evil 2 Remake is slated for January 25, 2019, near the anniversary of the original game series. What consoles the game will be available for is yet to be announced..

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