Gurugram based Swajal has water ATMs or shops across 15 states

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Handbags Replica They can recharge or buy water credits online through mobile and web application,” says Vikram Gulecha, one of the co founders.This way, the user pays only for the purified water and there is no cost involved for machine and maintenance.”There is a zero capping on minimum consumption of water for the user. Though we have observed that 15 to 20 litres per day is consumed by a household, users can consume as many litres of water from the device without having to worry about its maintenance for a lifetime,” adds replica bags pakistan Gulecha.Gurugram based Swajal has water ATMs or shops across 15 states.Their idea has been to provide for accessibility in public places and small hamlets. Swajal started in 2011 for cluster of villages.The water ATMs come with solar pumps, and use locally available water. Handbags Replica

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