I thought the show spent too much time on the showmance and I

stats on the insane amount of BB Content RHAP produced this summer

I estimate that RHAP gave us 236 hours BB content this Summer. If listening to RHAP was someone full time job and they just listened to RHAP BB coverage, without any breaks for 8hrs a day, it would take that person an entire month to go through the content that RHAP canada goose outlet online reviews put out in the summer.

canada goose black friday sale Thank you /u/cesty1020 /u/taranarmstrong /u/brentwolgamott and Melissa Deni (sorry I don know what your Reddit username is) for another great and memorable season. The work you guys and RHAP put out for free for us is truly fantastic and it elevates our BB experience as a whole. I been really touched by how much you guys have been feeding the positivity here. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online feel like the canada goose outlet mall Tyler Tangela drama has spun out of control. I don know exactly what specifically offended him and Angela so much so I felt like it was a good idea to try and de escalate all of the tension so cooler heads might prevail. It seems like his mind is made up about me but official canada goose outlet I hope he eventually talk to Taran and give the community a full breakdown of his game. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket had a blast covering this season and am constantly impressed with canada goose outlet new york how well Taran, Melissa and Brent are able to follow all of the daily action on the feeds. Taran not only was there for EVERY day of the live feed updates but he also stepped up to fill in for me when my mother in canada goose outlet michigan law passed away and I always appreciate that. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk outlet were also really lucky that Eric Stein made the time to cover the season every week and didn even quit the podcast! canada goose uk outlet

canada goose uk black friday the Big Brother season is about 3 weeks too long and there way too much filler at the end of the season. I thought the show spent too much time on the showmance and I spoke my mind about that. I happy that Tyler and Angela found each other and I send love and light to the Tangela fans. I never wanted to make anybody THIS upset about Big Brother. canada goose uk black friday

be on the lookout for some BB20 interviews coming from u/taranarmstrong and I can tell you that we going to have Kaitlyn in the studio soon to talk about BB20 later this monthNot official RHAP content, but Taran (occasionally with Brent as a guest) also did a significant amount of coverage on Twitch, probably 4+ hours a week on average.

There was one day towards the end where Brent was Taran guest on the morning update, they did the LFC Roundtable (maybe Brent wasn there? fuzzy on that part), Taran and Brent did the episode recap (filling in for Rob), and then they did 2+ hours on Twitch! At Rob next appearance a few days later they were talking about the wall to wall Taran+Brent BB coverage and Rob joked “hey did you guys talk on the phone between the shows?” haha. And Taran replied “no we didn talk on the phone” HAHA.

buy canada goose jacket Taran in particular devotes an extraordinary amount of time to covering BB, and he does a really great job, he is very objective reporting exactly what is happening on the feeds, and his takes/opinions are always the most logical and informed. Former houseguests would be very wise to go on RHAP and insist Taran is there, or they could go canada goose outlet authentic on the Taran show nobody else can discuss their game as knowledgeably. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose factory sale The Summer of Stein was really funny, I give it zero oofs. The amount of content he both consumed and produced, and then the fact he delivered updates every single day during the entire season, are huge feats. For anyone that doesn listen, check out his 3 hour Tyler game summary recap at the end. canada goose factory sale

I also loved the Summer of Stein, and think he could carry his own podcast during the year on whatever pop culture he wanted to talk about.

As far as the guests, I think the problem Taran has is that it tough to find people regularly available at 10 Eastern / 7 Pacific that also have the time canada goose outlet to keep up with the feeds. Because of job/school situations and sleeping patterns, this is often younger people. Honestly they canada goose outlet price got me through last year’s shit show and help me appreciate this season even more than I already would have naturally. I absolutely love Brent’s personality even though I was not on that same page as him game wise hardly canada goose outlet england at all this year. Usually when the season ends, it’s the podcasts I miss more than the show!

uk canada goose outlet My commute to the office is long and there are a ton canadagoosessale of podcast options out there but I find 99% of it pretty boring. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Parka The post game content was disappointing but like other poster’s have canada goose outlet woodbury mentioned, if they have to “neuter” their personalities to try and stay in the houseguests’ good favor then I say f the overly sensitive houseguests. Canada Goose Parka

Every day during my lunch break, it was a live feed update, or an LFC roundtable, or a Summer of Stein. Every day they provide coverage for the fans and it always top notch.

The first week after the season ended and I didn hear Taran say “Gooooood morning and welcome to the live feed update for.” I think I started having withdrawals.

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