Meanwhile, despite all the whining by Pallister about not

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Wholesale Replica Bags Government’s questions about a health care tax offered respondents false choices, including the option of no health tax but with cuts to health care. The results of that questionnaire are meaningless because they are based on a fraudulent set of questions.Meanwhile, despite all the whining by Pallister about not getting enough federal funding for health care a perpetual gripe expressed by all provinces, no matter how much money they get from Ottawa there will be no health care funding cut this year, next year or the year after that.Despite the threats that health care services might be cut if there is no health tax, funding for health care will continue to rise in the coming years as it always has. There have been no widespread health care cuts this year and there won’t be next year.Nothing has changed, despite the doomsday scenario Pallister is trying to advance.The thing people replica bags philippines wholesale have to understand about Canada’s single payer, universal health care system is that it’s based on a rationing of services. Wholesale Replica Bags

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