Ostensibly you’re empowering your oasis to be able to fight

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We’re not sure to what degree it was actually intended but there’s a fairly profound message at the heart of Ever Oasis’ nonsensical storyline. Ostensibly you’re empowering your oasis to be able to fight off the forces of chaos, but the way this works is by trying to encourage as many disparate tribes as possible to visit and stay. The game starts with a collaboration with a friendly water spirit and as others move in you see how their presence enriches the oasis with their own particular skills, produce, and culture..

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Also the GM isn in control of everything and it is important to read the rules and learn what the GM is in charge of and what the players are in charge of. I had an idiot friend try to run it like D and it failed miserably. Edit: I give an example as short as I can make it.

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