Thagana is a Kikuyu name for a river than runs from the slopes

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Thagana is SaganaThaagaana is a kikuyu word that means ‘to go out and meet a visitor so that you can bring him/her home’. Thagana is a Kikuyu name for a river than runs from the slopes of Mount Kenya in Nyeri and round the Mountain slopes through the Seven Forks hydropower generating dams of Masinga, Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma, Kiambere, Karura, Mutonga, Low grand Falls, canada goose outlet online uk Usheni, AdamsonsFalls, and Kora. This river turns southwards just about Meru (and into the coast and Indian Ocean) where its name changes into River Tana. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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