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1 point submitted 9 months agoMike doesn hate her, he even says himself that he can hate her because he barely knows her. The problem comes from the fact that out of all the boys, he still hasn got over El disappearance/assumed death after having a connection that string canada goose outlet usa and after confessing feelings for her. He has been living with hope for the past year, still thinking she out there because she has been contacting him with him sensing that. So when a new girl is instantly being considered by lucas and Dustin to be let into the party, for the obvious reason that they have a crush canada goose outlet niagara falls on her, Mike can help but feel like she being a replacement to El and is canada goose outlet in toronto essentially an insult because he hasn got over it.El has a natural distrust for people due to her past so it be hard for her to connect with someone who she had no prior knowledge of. Seeing her with Mike made her jealous in two ways, 1. The fear of her liking Mike which is a natural reaction for a teenage girl and 2. The fear of being replaced and thinking that the only people who cared about her in her entire life have moved on while she was missing. Although I would say it more of the former. It was a lack of understanding that led to a misunderstanding and while her treatment of Max was quite cold and uncalled for, it was completely understandable from her perspective. 3 points submitted 9 months agoThe characters thought that originally because they never even knew that the mind flayer existed. The thing with the story is that we only know as much as the characters know when it canada goose outlet houston comes to the upside down. We learn about the mind flayer and the hive mind at the same time they do. The fact that the demodogs are part of the hive mind and share many traits with the original demogorgon leads you to question what you originally knew about it. And how it taking victims to the library in order to use the tendrils as seen in s1e8. I believe it was always the intention of the mind flayer to take people and use them as hosts to grow its army. 13 points submitted 9 months agoDiscovering the canada goose outlet ontario upside down was an accident to begin with because it wasn El who tried to find it. She was found. It why Brenner specifically mentions “it calling to you”. The demogorgon seemed to be drawn to power. And in saying that it was in fact part of the mind flayers hive mind, it means that the mind flayer intended to contact a source of great power from another dimension so that it could find a canada goose outlet las vegas method of establishing a connection between the usd and the rightside up. 11 points submitted 10 months agoWe have had three trivia nights on the discord server for the Stranger Things sub Reddit, I canada goose outlet woodbury won the last one and the questions involved were probably the toughest they could get.Remind yourself of key phrases and pieces of information regarding the show, even outside of the main plot.Examples would be along the line of “How much money did Lucas earn for the arcade?”Try to learn and remember the names of all locations that are named in the show, as well as names of minor and secondary characters.Another tip would be to remember the manufacturers of devices such as Mike super com or Bob camera.I gonna take a guess they only ask question directly related to the show rather than the game or merch (something that wasn the case during the discord trivia nights), canada goose outlet vancouver so try to inform yourself of any minor pieces of information in the show and remember them in case you get asked about them. I hope this helps.As for a team name. Go for “The AV Club” 1 point submitted 10 months agoHad Hopper actually not given Brenner El location, he would have been killed by lethal injection and have his death covered up as a drug overdose, they would have never saved Will in time and they would have probably interrogated Joyce for El location. They would have found them at some point, they couldn hide in the school forever.So really the idea of Brenner telling El and Mike about his deal with Hopper would only bring them short term anger towards him before realising that it was a necessary thing to do. I don think it would do Brenner much good in the long term. 1 point submitted 10 months agoBut the thing is, Hopper couldve just give them a wrong location and Brenner and his team couldnt do anything to Hopper/Joyce since they were already headed to the Upside Down, heck, even the reason why Brenner gave Hopper and Joyce their end of the deal is because he was certain that they were going to be killed in the Upside Down. So i dont get why Hop couldnt just give them a phony location, since Brenner and co. couldnt do jack about it. 17 points submitted 10 months agoThis was the one I was waiting canada goose outlet canada goose outlet kokemuksia for tbh.I one of the people who finds episode 7 to be highly underrated, even finding value in the gang as they add to Kali character in showing how far gone she is if she considers them as family.

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