The mod classes cards (Muzzle, Magazines, etc

Quick reference cards on your smartphone

It not an app, mind you: it a set of web pages Canada Goose Jackets linked together and formatted for small touch screens, conveniently offering a selection of data that Canada Goose Online I buy canada goose jacket cheap previously checked on scattered websites and scraps Canada Goose Outlet of paper.

Since my feet were already wet from implementing the cards canada goose black friday sale system for the Canada Goose Parka weapon canada goose factory outlet mods, I added extra cards for some other data I know I should have already memorized but still used to consult on a canada goose coats on sale spreadsheet or on a variety of scribbled notes, from time to time: performance canadian goose jacket mod ranges, best attributes for each canada goose store weapon slot, best attributes for each gear item, etc. always from a generic PVE perspective (not specialized builds).

Personally I found out that after about 3 or 4 days of frequently canada goose black friday sale consulting the reference cards while having all this information Canada Goose sale literally canada goose jacket outlet at my fingertips while in front of the big screen, both my DPS canada goose uk black friday and my inventory management improved (because it became easier to find out maxed out mods to equip permanently, and bad rolls to discard immediately) and now:

my weapons fire better

my backpack and stash have more free space, and

I have memorized most of the canada goose uk outlet relevant stats ranges.

Tip: the most relevant card for mod inventory management is the Weapon Mod Ranges canada goose outlet canada goose coats reviews card. The mod classes cards (Muzzle, Magazines, etc.) can be useful for finding out which mod can have the attributes you want to equip to your weapon. Gear Tips and canada goose clearance Weapon Tips are there to help me remember what attribute is best allocated in each gear item or weapon slot, and which are canada goose outlet shop the goose outlet canada most useful PVE weapon talents. canada goose outlet toronto factory Finally, Performance Mod canada goose outlet store Ranges are also available if you have the need for them.

How I use canada goose outlet uk sale the Quick Reference canada goose outlet parka Cards to sort my mods

Sorting gear sets is relatively easy1. You can also quickly sort weapons if you keep in mind a gear score uk canada goose outlet threshold2 and you know the handful of talents you want uk canada goose to have on them3.

Sorting weapon mods is different: to keep the right ones and discard the rest, you need to be aware of a lot of ranges/thresholds.

Everyone can have their own Canada Goose Coats On Sale rules for keeping and discarding mods (or any other class of items). Mine is simple: if the mod is cheap canada goose uk a Canada Goose online good match for some weapon class I like to use, I only keep them if (1) they have at least buy canada goose jacket one maxed out relevant4 stat, and (2) one other relevant stat is on the verge of maxing out if a weapon mod can meet both requirements, it immediately dismantled for parts.

That cheap Canada Goose when I use the Quick Reference Cards on my phone: to find out if canada goose outlet online some canada goose outlet attribute value is at its maximum(ish), I have to know its range, canada goose outlet jackets and that what the Weapon Mod Ranges card quickly canada goose outlet uk tells me.

There are exceptions, like mods that have a set of attributes that you want to equip and canada goose for which you don have any better substitute, even if the rolls are meager. I also wish to point official canada goose outlet out that some attributes have very close ranges (like 2 2.5%) in this case, as much as I want to always strive for keeping maximum rolls, I find canada goose canada goose clearance sale outlet sale it hard to discard a mod because it has the minimum canada goose outlet nyc value on this attribute, because it canada goose outlet in usa so close to the maximum one.

Other than that, this game Canada Goose Outlet gives us so many weapon mods, that on level 34 I see no need to keep the ones that come with only so so stats: when in combat, every percentage point counts.

When I started using these Quick Reference Cards, I followed this sequence:

Sort out my main canada goose outlet online uk character backpack (had 25 weapon mods, kept 11)

Review and upgrade the mods of its 2 main weapons (changed 3 out of 8 items, with noticeable effects in combat)

Sort out the stash

From then on I started checking the mods stats every time I sorted out new loot, and things are being kept shipshape except when canada goose factory sale I in a hurry, like during Global Events.

Now all my main toon weapon mods with two or more maxed canada goose outlet canada out attributes are locked to prevent accidental dismantling, and I canada goose outlet new york city intend to sort out the other characters backpacks, and their weapons, canada goose uk shop sooner rather than later.

An unintended but welcome consequence of checking the ranges on the cards so often is that the need to refer to canada goose outlet black friday them is diminishing, as the most used ranges are being committed to memory canada goose outlet store uk.

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