The platform will allow developers to utilize the Linda X

I used a ruler to go now scrape straight lines in metal plate. After its done place this plate in vice. Be careful when using power tools. Introduction: Wearable Custom Light Panel (Technology Exploration Course TfCD Tu Delft)In this Instructable you will learn how to make your own lit up image that you can wear! This is done by using EL technology covered with a vinyl decal and attaching bands to it so you can wear it around your arm. You can also change parts of this project to use your own image or change the location of the light on your body, by using a different mounting system.This project was done to explore the possibilities of EL technology for wearables lighting products for the Technology Exploration course part of the Integrated Product Design master of the TU delft in the Netherlands.The components we used:EL panel 10x10cm EL inverter Slider switch 9V battery connector 9V batteryAlso you will need basic soldering supplies, such as:Soldering iron Soldering tin Wire cutters Wire strippersMost components can be acquired easily from a local or online electronics / prototyping shop. The EL panel and inverter can be somewhat more difficult to find, however these are often sold together.

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