The result as well though, is that INTERPOL loses trust, and

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Designer Fake Bags Knows for example, that any information it gives INTERPOL could be accessed by Iran, and so on, etc.I don know if INTERPOL data protection standards are poor, so much as it their administrative competence that lacking. The result as well though, is that INTERPOL loses trust, and several countries (like Germany if I remember correctly) acknowledge but refuse to act on INTERPOL notices unless the state in question goes through their normal police cooperation or extradition process.Russian red notices were invalids because of their political nature and just couldn be issued in the first place because they were outside of the frame of work of Interpol.They might not have a lot of formal power, but there some real practical power in deciding whom to help and whom not to, or which kind of crimes to focus on. But I agree with you, a single person in Interpol has much less power than Interpol as a whole.. Designer Fake Bags

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