The way those two numbers work out makes Nano pretty useless

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[score hidden] submitted 26 minutes agoA good Ana knows that projectiles in certain situations will always wake up her slept target. That is when you treat the sleep as if it was a flash bang and follow up with damage immediately.Edit: with ulting Winston if it just him trying to stall while your whole team is trying canada goose outlet to gun him down your sleep can work just like a flash bang. As for the other moments, it best if Ana callouts that she going to sleep winston 1 2 sec before firing the dart to ensure your team stops firing canadian goose jacket at himarmoredporpoise 4 points submitted 4 hours agoYou bring up a good point. The current meta is predicated on either getting burst damage kills or creeping over the General sustainability threshold of the teams healers. The way those two numbers work out makes Nano pretty useless because it’s either canada goose factory sale overkill or it’s not enough.Burst kills are generally sniper headshots, or something canada goose store like Brigitte dropped Canada Goose Jackets 160dmg instantly, or super high charge zarya cutting through anything in seconds. When the burst isn’t enough, it’s only just off kill capability. Mercy can achieve just as much effective output uk canada goose in ensuring burst kills with her free, constant buy canada goose jacket damage beam at cheap Canada Goose 30% as Ana can with her slow charging, short lived 50% boost. Neither boost helps anything with instant kills. Considering the flexibility associated with Mercy’s damage boost, the circumstantial requirement to find value from Canada Goose Online the boost is much less so than Nano. Blowing a Nano Boost at an inopportune moment wastes an ultimate ability.On the canada goose coats on sale other end of the meta is the part of the game where both teams need to beat their way through the opposing teams walls of stuns, barriers, and burst damage, and insane healing output. It’s canada goose clearance sale typified by the canada goose uk outlet constant game of outdamage the Transcendence. In a vacuum, Ana seems like she should help; Trans heals at 300hps buy canada goose jacket cheap and Dragon deals 200dps, and Nano is a 50% boost, and there is an Anti heal nade to toss. Except she doesn’t in practice, because Mercy can boost the dragon to 270dps, and the entire team is shooting at the graviton surge anyway to put them back over 300hps. Further, there is usually a massive shield in front of the graviton surge that makes tossing a nade very difficult. High upside but considering the team is shredding them anyway, again overkill. 1 point submitted 1 hour agoYou forgot to mention that Ana nade Canada Goose sale grants 50% more healing from all healing sources. This means that her nade can make transcendence heal up to 450hps which is well over the DragonSurge + rein combo.It important to note that Ana needs to time the nade right before the dragons hit your teammates. Throw too soon and the heal boost wears off resulting as if you never threw the nade. Or throw too late and risk canada goose uk shop one of your squishy heroes Canada Goose Parka to die.IMO this is probably one of the best ways to counter this combo, however it is much harder to run the counter comp than it is to run the mirror comp because you need an Ana that is at least above decent. 4 points submitted canada goose coats 6 days agoI think you are missing the whole point of this gif. Its canada goose black friday sale not about having a numbers advantage but more about showing teamwork simply by being near each canada goose uk black friday other, which can be just enough teamwork to secure a push.Besides, ive seen way to many gm and top 500s Canada Goose Coats On Sale lose team fights even though they have a numbers advantage and got it on Canada Goose online a crucial pick to like a main healer. Im not saying it happens often, but it happens way more than you expect and in soloq rank, expect anything regardless of tier.Tbf though, pharah and hanzo are better at getting picks than destroying shields because they are cheap canada goose uk meant to be played at mid to long range which heavily effects their dps output. Whereas junk is a great at close uk canada goose outlet to mid range making him more effective at tearing down shields. Now I not saying that pharah and hanzo canada goose should never shoot shields (their damage to shields is way better then a mei shooting it), but it Canada Goose Outlet should be a team effort to focus on shooting specific things together or making room for each other to make plays 2 points submitted 6 days agoThis is basically a boop. And rein excels at being with his teammates and trusting his teammates which is why he pairs up so well with Zarya and brigette. Not to mention, rein already has fire strike to “compensate” for his range. The main problem with characters like rein and Ana is that in order for them to be effective, both the player and his/her teammates need to heavily work together as opposed to other hero choices. I could go into depth rn but I think I will just save it for a post of mine later down the line. Hopefully soon. 3 points submitted 6 days agoI wouldn exactly call it the tiniest bit of effort as it 4 players committing to one play. But the counter to this is definitely much harder to play as it relies on one average zen to get his ult and an above decent Ana because she not only needs to save the nade to predict the combo but also must time it correctly as the heal buff canada goose clearance only last 4 seconds. I hoping that the Ana canadagooseoutlete buffs will make a good place for Ana especially that we are in Brig+death ball where a lot of teammates line up with each other 1 point submitted 6 days agoNo, I realise and accept that to cancel out two ults should take two ults rather than one. My issue is that, if my whole team gets caught in a grav and I want to counter a DragonSurge (new name I calling it btw), my only option is Transcendence, which can easily be outdamaged by the combo with only a little effort.Even if I want to invest two ults to shut down the combo, what else am I going to use? No other ult provides a way to stay alive through it except maybe Coalescence, which will only work if you are running a Moira and she manages to stay out of the initial grav.

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