What is a Jinn and How Do They Live?Allah (God) made Jinns from

What is a Jinn in Islam and Do They Attack Human Beings

This article is what you need to know more on Jinns and like anything, it is not exhaustive.Did you know that Jinns live with us in our homes? Jinns are also known as Ghosts, Demons, Evil Spirits, Poltergeist etc. They are the canada goose sale uk beings that try to scare us by canada goose outlet los angeles doing different things like poltergeist and sending a chill down the spine.Did you also know that Iblis Satan who disobeyed Allah is a Jinn and not an Angel? Iblis Shaytaan was the only Jinn in heaven before he got put down from paradise. The rest were only angels who are made canada goose outlet in uk of light, whereas Iblis is made of smokeless fire.What is a Jinn and How Do They Live?Allah (God) made Jinns from smokeless fire or ‘scorching fire’, angels are made of light and humankind are made of clay. It is beyond human comprehension to understand these types of ‘fire’, ‘light’ and ‘clay’ so we canada goose outlet vip will not be delving into it at this time.Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutral. The Jinn have been given free will by Allah like Human beings and they make their own choices on everything like choosing their own religion, their own way of life. This is why there are Jinns who are good and evil and carry out good or evil deeds unto Humans and unto themselves on Earth.The Jinn are frequently mentioned in the Glorious canada goose outlet 2015 Quran, especially in Surah 72 (named Srat al Jinn) is named after the jinn, and has a whole chapter about them. In another surah (Srat al Ns) jinns are canada goose outlet woodbury mentioned in the last verse. The Qur’an also mentions and makes it very clear that Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was sent as a prophet to both humanity and the jinn, and that all prophets and messengers were sent to both communities.Jinns live within their own communities, hills trees, in human houses, seas and in the air. Like Humans, Jinns will be judged on the Day of Judgement by Allah and will be sent to Paradise or Hell according to their deeds.Jinns live their lives very similarly to Human beings where they have families, communities, their own laws, weddings and mourning rituals. From this, we can understand that they are very similar to Human beings in the way they live their lives and go about their day to day business.All Muslims believe in the existence of Jinns because it is revealed in the Glorious canada goose outlet black friday Quran and also mentioned in Hadeeths from the experiences of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).It is fascinating to learn about the Jinn, because we cannot see them and their existence is beyond human comprehension, like the Soul, but we know they exist when we witness things like Poltergeist, visions of Ghosts, Spiritual Posession of the Human Soul etc. These are all caused by Jinns.One type of Jinn flies through the air as they have wings and live in the airAnother type resembles snakes and black dogs because they can take whatever living form they like, except plantsThe third is based in one place but also travels about openlyThe 3 types of Jinn in a little bit more detail are as follows:1 Amir: (resident Jinn) mean that they are one of those who live with people in their homes, especially in unclean places like the toilet.2 Shaytan: also called a Jinni, is canada goose outlet malicious and has become wicked and whispers bad actions into the ears of humans so as to make them do evil things and follow their orders to commit sin.3 Ifrit: is a Jinni who is stronger and more powerful than a Shaytan, who may be the leader of less powerful Jinns who are given different tasks to make humans go astray.(Please note: Muslims believe that Satan is against the Muslim religion and his main priority is to take as many human beings and Muslims to hell as possible. Every single second Satan is trying to make people cagoosestore go astray against the will of Allah (God).In the following canada goose victoria parka outlet verse, the Qur’an rejects and forbids the worship of Jinn and stresses that only Allah should be worshipped:”Yet they make the jinn equals with Allah, though Allah created the jinn; and they falsely, having no knowledge, attribute to Him sons and daughters. Praise and glory be to Him! (for He is) above what they attribute to Him!” (Qur’an 6:100)Jinns can take many different forms, shapes and sizes to destroy or mislead Human beings.Jinns are invisible to the Human eye, but they can see Humans.All Jinns eat and drink like humans, and have rules and regulations similar to the Muslim way of life. Just as we humans eat meat of canada goose clothing uk animals slaughtered in the name of Allah which makes it Halal, so do the Muslim believers among the Jinn. In addition, the Jinn are allowed to eat the bones of animals slaughtered for human consumption in the name of Allah. Jinns animals feed on other animal dung.Jinns consist of male and female who have children and lead family life. Some Jinns worship Allah and some don’t. Some Jinns are evil towards humans and try to harm and aggravate them and whisper evil thoughts to take part in evil actions. They have careers, social lives, enjoyment, travel etc.Jinns can possess human beings, because they are able to easily go in and out of the human body, down to the smallest vein.We all have Jinns and Angels attached to us. Angels are on our right and left shoulder continuously writing about our good deeds and bad deeds and every action we take with our body parts and every single words we utter. The Jinn, on the other hand, is always trying to incite a human towards evil and to do everything against the Islamic religion.

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