All Gatton students must arrive no earlier than Sunday 17

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cheap jordans china Arrival DatesYour expected arrival date will depend on whether you choose to attend UQ Jump Start Academic Preparation Program. This is a free program which will help you get an excellent start to life and study at UQ by meeting other cheap jordan coats new, and experienced students, improving cheap jordan retro 12 your study and writing skills, and getting to know your campus.Read more about the program and registration here.Gatton Campus StudentsIt is recommended that you attend UQ Jump Start Academic Preparation Program at Gatton campus which will cheap jordan 1 retro take place in the same week as Orientation Week. All Gatton students must arrive no earlier than Sunday 17 February.Students commencing their UQ program in Semester 2, 2019St Lucia and Herston Campus StudentsIt is recommended that you attend UQ Jump Start Academic Preparation Program at St Lucia campus which will take place from Thursday 11 July to Friday 12 JulyIf you choose to attend the Jump Start Academic Preparation Program:You must arrive no earlier than Saturday 13 July, and ensure you attend the compulsory Orientation Week at the University of Queensland.. cheap jordans china

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