Community is being released by Mill Creek Entertainment

author of the new book Wet Hot American Summer

I think summer camp is just awesome. It official canada goose outlet heightened, it innocent yet dangerous. Everything new. Everything condensed. Everyone at camp is together all day and night, away from parents, given a chance to redefine themselves, and try things for the first time. It such an organically perfect place to set an ensemble story. This is why I always wanted to make a summer camp movie and was thrilled to return to it on Netflix. Role Models age less well.can we have more? Please?!Well we canada goose outlet uk fake have the new book out! Otherwise though I think we completed the story, for now. Maybe we revisit in a bit!The saving grace of course is how incredibly high the show replay value is. My friends and I were 15 when the show was airing on CC every week in Toronto and began to plan our Tuesdays around it, discovered the shorts on collegehumor, etc.To this day when we canada goose coats uk rewatch the DVD set for the umpteenth time(in many cases, to explain to a new significant other why we are the way we are), we discussed how if there was video of us from before we ever saw Stella, the entire way we talk would be noticeably different because of how much your work changed our speech patterns, cadence, everyday comic timing, etc. Thank you for everything. Wet Hot American Summer is legitimately my canada goose outlet legit all time favourite movie hope the three of you do a Stella standup show in Toronto sometime!Hi David! Huge, huge fan of yours. Your style of humor makes me laugh like nothing else. Wet Hot is one of my favorite movies of all time, so thank you for creating it. Stella is also one of my favorite series I have the DVD and have watched all the episode commentaries, so in case you ever lay awake at night and wonder if those were for nothing, I can assure you they were not! I love them as much as the episodes themselves.Okay a question Are there any plans for physical releases of the Netflix Wet Hot series? I really like to own a copy of them. Or if you want to announce that you are secretly working with Criterion on a WHAS release that would be cool too!Congratulations on the new book!Here’s the deal with that (and other releases): often times the studios, or the ones who own or produced the content, canada goose outlet authentic don’t feel it is canada goose outlet in montreal a worthwhile business venture to produce physical media of their own intellectual property. Putting shows and movies out on physical media costs money, and if the cost of production outweighs the projected revenue, the studios will not release the title themselves. This is where Independent, third party media companies come in and pay the studios money to license the titles to release on physical media. Community is being released by Mill Creek Entertainment, who canada goose outlet store calgary paid a licensing fee to Sony to release Sony’s own show, which they themselves wouldn’t release. Mill Creek is only one of many, like Shout Factory, Kino Lorber, Arrow, Twilight Time, Criterion, among others. Because BluRays cost more to make than DVDs. It’s the same reason so many shows shot in HD are compressed to fit on DVD rather than released in 1080p on BluRay: because it’s cheaper and media companies don’t think consumers care about quality. FX is notorious for this: after releasing the first few seasons of Louie, Wilfred, The League, and Archer on BluRay, they found that the numbers weren’t cutting it, and switched to DVD. Some of them even got MOD DVD, wherein FX gives Amazon compressed to shit digital files, and then Amazon burns them to a DVD R and expects you to pay BluRay prices for it. You are the king Midas of comedy. A Futile and Stupid Gesture was such an important film (not only because it had the shortest amount of time ever between the Sundance premiere and a wide release), but because it shows the evolving nature of comedy, with the new generation showing their love for the one that came before it. Anyways, my question is in regards to the state of the media industry. As a filmmaker, how do you feel about the changing nature of how movies are created and consumed? How do you feel about peak media, and do you ever worry that as great as your work may be, that it might get lost in the white noise of how much there is to consume?Yes I do feel that way, but then again, anything anyone ever makes will be lost in the white noise of time. Whether it takes 1, 10, or 1000 years is irrelevant ultimately, right?As for peak media as a watcher, I overwhelmed by the canada goose cheap canada goose jacket outlet toronto address volume of TV I hear is amazing and end up watching almost none. There are good opportunities for creators in this environment but it does feel like too much.David, your work has brought so much joy to my life. WHAS and They Came Together are by far my favorite comedies and so much of my sense of humor has been shaped by the hilarious moments in those films (and the Netflix series). My boyfriend and I quote both of them constantly.My question: I had the great privilege of seeing Stella perform at the SF Sketchfest when you did the “zots crambles” game. It absolutely blew my mind because I thought zots crambles was something that my middle school friends had invented back in the day and I had no idea it was a Real Thing. Is there a backstory to Zots Crambles? What made canada goose factory outlet toronto location you guys decide to incorporate it into your show.

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