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When I canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet reviews hear a high school kid or even a young person (early 20 talk about romance it often this situation where the person has certain expectations which push other people away.Also stop being an asshole. Helps a lot.disagre3r 1 point submitted 7 days agoBoth options suck, but I think all of you suggesting the red door is an easy pick are ignoring a few critical things if red means turning back the clock and not simply being de aged:The butterfly effect: History will not play out the same way if you not exactly as you were when you first experienced it, especially if you deliberately altering it. Too many changes and certain knowledge will become useless. Trying to manipulate circumstances because you overconfident in outdated memories could leave you in a much worse spot than you were in the original timeline, potentially even leading to your early demise.Deja vu: For the things that do somehow play out the same or very similarly because you had little influence over them, you essentially reliving past events, which may include the terrible ones.The human brain isn flawless. You can forget or misremember things. Worse, you have conflicting memories. Similar memories will be very hard to tell apart. You may also remember radically different events between the two timelines that occurred at the same time, leading to confusion. You probably gonna want to keep a record of these things, but you have to keep that information secure. You probably not gonna have access to the same convenient encryption options that you have today.You won have access to certain modern technologies and medicines. Depending on how old you currently are, you probably won even have your own computer (which I imagine would be the case for most of us). You be taken as seriously as a www.haydar-furniture.com 10 year old would be. You have the body of a 10 year old. You have the brain canada goose outlet uk of a 10 year old. Canada Goose sale Consider the social, physical, canada goose clearance intellectual, and psychological canada goose outlet jackets implications of being 10 again.These are just the things that immediately canada goose outlet canada came to mind. There are probably several other uk canada goose outlet reasons canada goose black friday sale to not want goose outlet canada to canada goose uk outlet fuck with history or reduce myself to the state of a child again.There are several things to take into consideration with the blue door as well, but I rather take my chances with being 15 years older in the future with $50 million (which I invest in transhumanism and de aging R or becoming an early retired hermit, assuming the world/USD isn fucked by that point) than I would as a child hoping to alter the course buy canada goose jacket of history for my benefit (which I only get one chance to not screw up).efuentv 1 point buy canada goose jacket cheap submitted canada goose outlet nyc 2 days agoHow much pull or effect do you think an individual nobody canada goose outlet online has canada goose factory sale on the butterfly canada goose coats effect?People go Canada Goose Coats On Sale missing everyday history seems fine.I love 3. canada goose uk shop deft worth thinking about. You be going around (if you made this mistake) telling canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet in usa everybody you remember the future, while canada goose outlet uk sale being desperate to forget the past that canada goose outlet parka actually the present moment. What official canada goose outlet a clusterfuck.4 Dude I in my 20 canada goose black friday sale a computer is all I canada goose outlet store had 10 years ago. Think about the canada goose outlet black friday damage you could haydar-furniture.com do if you canadian goose jacket could send a virus back in time.I love that you taking that gamble but the world could legit blow up tomorrow.I fascinated to canada goose uk black friday think of the present moment in the context of time.What canada goose something within canada goose outlet toronto factory the powers of a 10 canada goose outlet new york city year cheap Canada Goose old, 10 years ago to change the course of history? Just the internet right?Voronthered 2 points submitted 4 days agoFrom,what I can see, its not BS but its not genuine either, they had a disaster at canada goose jacket outlet the nuke site maybe that thrown the program of the rails enough that restarting it would be far to much for them, i feel China and Russia has canada goose clearance sale spent money and time to buy Kim to the canada goose outlet store uk table, for cheap canada goose uk what reason I don know, canada goose factory outlet Canada Goose Online I uk canada goose feel giving canada goose coats on sale up the nukes is simple because of the accident, it Canada Goose Parka looks good canada goose outlet shop saves them reinvestment that they may be able to put toward something else, hell if I know canada goose store whatefuentv Canada Goose online 4 points submitted 15 days agoWhy the need to see something as good or bad? If canada goose outlet sale you could take a person that can speak in public or canada goose outlet online uk make eye contact with a stranger and turn them into a manipulative Machiavellian wouldn that be kind of canada goose outlet badass.

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