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21 points submitted 2 days agoIt is. And I was sooooo overjoyed because I was the only one in my party that can read the name and know it his title! I grew up watching TV series of him in Chinese (Cantonese actually) and moncler outlet online I feel this cheap moncler coats character is really well done. Even have his split hair move and his free form staff! Pure love, that dungeon is to my childhood. (Being an Western born Chinese with a childhood in China make me have so much, so very very much, things I can discuss in that dungeon, and how many symbolism and how many different myth thing, it has in it.)verinik 14 points submitted 24 days agoWell I glad someone can confirm that they can https://www.beautylyrics.com replicate monlcer down jackets the behavior! And it will register. Try right clicking harder ; )It actually really useful, I can imagine how people don use it. It allows you to move, look in a separate direction, and immediately change directions. There actually no point in having the camera being able to move independently from the character if you not simultaneously controlling the character movement and the camera. Might as well go with the legacy controls then.If the weather is thunderstorm, does that mean the weather is not rain anymore and thus that actually hurts a lot of shaela support cards (the “if rain”s)?Or could thunderstorm be more of like an extension so it still keeps the “if rain” effects?Lightning Cave seems to imply to me you want rain AND thunderstorm cards in one deck because you need it to be raining before lightning cave can turn it into thunderstorm, but to me that seems like it screw moncler outlet store a lot of its own rain cards. It doesn make sense to me.ExtraHP 5 points submitted 4 months agoWith absolute 0 exaggeration, I LITERALLY watch these every year 100% BECAUSE of the chat. If I didn care about the chat of 100k people memeing to death, why can I just watch any other streamer do lets plays or speedruns? Those other let players and streamers can donate to charity just like GDQ can. Because GDQ 100k moncler outlet viewer Twitch Chat is the absolute one thing that separates this from all other streamers moncler mens jackets and let players. Note I buy moncler jackets have always been a lurker and do not contribute to the chat cespool of memes, I just very much enjoy watching it.People watch for different reasons. 8 points submitted 6 months agoSo much this. I progressing through Bahamut in Ultimate cheap moncler jackets right now on BLM and I keep reading shit like:At the end of the day the balance is close enough that all classes can clear the content sans BLM and ultimate given how the fight requires so much movementAnd all I can think is “Yet another person who hasn actually tried or doesn know how to play BLM.” Is it easy to handle all the movement? No. Is it completely unviable? Hell no. Once you get through things a few times, you time your mobility skills and everything lines up pretty damn well.And most of all, figuring out the added puzzle of how to still top the DPS on a fight where everyone thinks you should be terrible is just fun as all hell.The problem is simply that even with perfect play, we don do enough damage to make up for not bringing a SMN or a second ranged DPS. That it. Mobility is not an issue.ExtraHPTop Nep AFKing in Famfrit 3 points submitted 6 months agoI always been on the SMN side of casters, then worked through RDM, I just very recently started getting into BLM. Got it to 70 a couple days ago, and beautylyrics started doing cheap moncler sale some endgame content with it and I agree, mobility is not an issue at all. In fact I think it becoming my fav caster of the 3.I LOVE the ability to teleport so often, to party members, to my leylines, and triple cast + swift cast on only one minute cooldowns. I conditioned myself to use all those utilities first priority before ever touching my WASD, and it feels amazing. I feel like I have all the utility for movement I ever need. I still fuck up here and there and drop enochian, but most of the time, if not every time, I feel like that was entirely my own fault, not the job design. I always feel like “I could have planned my positioning and cheap moncler outlet movement better”. Of course I haven touched ultimate so I can say much there.I feel like BLM, out of all jobs in the game, forces me the most to gitgud at the game, not just my job rotation. And I love that. I need to learn all fights down to every timing and plan for everything. I gitting gud at a level like never before. 12 points submitted 7 months moncler outlet sale agoI just saying the time to learn/clear such a thing is extended by serious magnitudes because of the nature of the moncler sale outlet game. It isn like, say, a song where you can practice any part of it at once, but you pretty much have to die to every new mechanic and reach it all over again. It not that the mechanics themselves are BAD, or that the fight being long is bad, but the way moncler sale in which cheap moncler you forced to learn it is more of a grind than anything else. You won see fatigue yet, but give it time.

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