I love doing research, so I did that, and I found an actual

And comparing real estate vs stock market vs saving accounts. Real estate doesn look that bad to put money in. Especially since I need place to stay anywhere and I can either put that money into rent or lease.I rent because if stuff breaks I want to email my landlord and he has to fix it asap.No such obligation in most eastern european countries.

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(if I may suggest, fuck her, she is NOT the best thing in your life if she is doing this to you, you should be excited about the production opportunity, and instead you are in reddit posting in another account about how this is affecting her. But, it your choice. Just know you can have both).

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Montour: We’re not going to sit here and try to tell you that tobacco is or isn’t good for you. We’re just saying that if you do choose to smoke, we’d appreciate it if you’d give ours a chance because the proceeds from this doesn’t go to multinational shareholders. They go to helping improve the Indian community in this Native American area..

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