Just five, it not a big commitment

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Neelith canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet shop 11 points submitted 22 days ago

You actually described the canada goose uk shop trend that continues to worse not only for mobile market but for PC as well. When canada goose black friday sale first game cheap Canada Goose went to free to play model with microtransactions was the first day of the end of mobile gaming.

Every single canada goose outlet in usa game I loved that was paid was deleted from the store and replaced by free to play version. Peggle, canada goose outlet parka bejeweled, Sims. It was considered too much when canada goose black friday sale 10 dollar game was released in appstore. canada goose factory outlet 5 dollars was a standard. Canada Goose Outlet Now every single f2p canada goose outlet new york city game offers packs for 100 bucka and it is nothing special. For $5 you get a trasy deal that will not give you even 5% of entertainment tou got for $5 paid game before.

I liked Love Nikki for the canada goose outlet fact you can get everything cheap canada goose uk in our own pace. If dragon suit was offered for 100 dollars but we knew it will come back in 6 months as Hell suit I would be fine with that. But they wont tel is that because many people would not buy it now. They will milk those that enjoy pretty canada goose outlet canada things and cannot really Canada Goose Jackets afford it until uk canada goose outlet they leave. and so called whales will not be canada goose outlet store enough to keep the game alive. I saw that in canada goose clearance sale so many games in canada goose factory sale past few years that it hurts.

I canada goose uk black friday play Sims Mobile now and canada goose coats canada goose outlet jackets canada goose outlet just wonder when EA starts all canada goose store that event/RNG box/exclusive schenanigans.

Neelith 5 points submitted 22 days ago

I don’t think that term whales is used as offensive word towards people who spend money. I don’t know where it originated from exactly but many research companies use that term together with dolphins and willows to study current situation in canada goose outlet online mobile gaming market.

Whales are basically people who spend extensive ammounts of money in game. Doplhins spend some money regularly but in small amounts while willows are free to play players or people who do not spend money at all.

Whales due to their generosity when it comes to spending money attarct other groups to play by giving them a hope and a goals to achieve 😀 canada goose outlet nyc you see those pretty outfits in the top and Canada Goose online want them canada canada goose clearance goose canadian goose jacket outlet toronto factory too. I believe studies say that dolphins are the group that generates most income but don’t take my word for official canada https://www.salecanadagooseoutlets.com/ goose outlet it.

chibioniyuri 2 points submitted 1 month ago

Actually, your post is what kicked off my post because uk canada goose I could not figure out where those extra 15 items were coming from, and I figured if I was going to math, I might as well share it. But then u/wrlddmntr pointed out you want to keep the original and d that was it.

But I also wanted to share your post again in case anyone missed it. And to point out that, hey, your spreadsheet lists everything, but just focus on these five for now. Just five, it not a big commitment. And I going for the recolor too, so while I was mathing, might canada goose outlet black friday as well throw that in too.

But your spreadsheet is such a good resource that I made sure to limit the scope of mine strictly to the levels canada goose outlet uk we could find right Canada Goose sale now.

I could. probably label the links, though. I was awake enough to math but not to think through the finer points beyond “credit, yo.” But that have to wait until after the family leaves.

Neelith 1 point submitted 1 month ago

That is ok, no credit needed. Just wanted to share my calculations with you in case you missed it and did not notice you know about it already 😀

I Canada Goose Online wanted to calculate only the original suit indeed, no recoloring. I might update it when I have time. I just did not make up my mind canada goose yet if I want recolor or want canada goose coats on sale to go for second hell suit (pretty dress one) 🙂

I did my file simply goose outlet canada by checking Knight canada goose outlet reviews suit in Momo guide. Since I have no resources beside couple of dyes in CN version (just finished like 8 levels to get to Arena shop) those calculations should be pretty accurate. canada goose outlet uk sale Also there are a lot of items in buy canada goose jacket cheap shop that are not available in our version yet besice ones Canada Goose Parka from princess levels.

Well, good luck to us either way! 😀

Neelith 3 points submitted 1 month ago

I really like Canada Goose Coats On Sale it but find it grindy if you want to get good looking stuff. canada goose jacket outlet I really dislike that many items are available only for canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket online uk premium currency. Would be better if they had 2 prices one premium that is smaller canada goose outlet sale and one for a big amount of simoleons. That way f2p players or canada goose outlet store uk so called dolphins could eventually buy them. I also hope that they will differentatie events and not repeat the same pattern over and over again. It becomes dull very quickly if only thing you do whole day is farming ducks.

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