My hotbars were where I kept my DPS buttons and I never

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You putting yourself at a disadvantage, then. With Healbot you don have to manually click players and hit Canada Goose Parka keys, it just clicking low health bars. I not gonna handicap myself because it less Canada Goose Outlet engaging.Edit: To all replying saying Canada Goose online I some sort of trash LFR idiot for using Healbot, explain to me the difference between hovering and clicking on a raid frame, and hovering and buy canada goose jacket cheap pressing 1,2,3,etc. on a raid frame. Literally no difference besides the input you giving to the frame. I did not mean that uk canada goose you HAVE to use Healbot, I meant canada goose factory sale that you need to use some sort of similar method canada goose clearance that involves hovering over a frame and giving an canada goose black friday sale input.I don click the frames, I have mouseover macros, so I just hover and press 123 etc.And the spreadsheet problem is going to come with any UI you use for healing. I mean, unless you goofing around mousing over people around you for the lulz. But if Canada Goose Coats On Sale you want to be a good healer, even just the Blizz UI is going to be “click on the low health people”.Thanksfully it not only that, you have to manage mana, cooldowns according to mechanics, canada goose coats on sale execute the mechanics, coordinate with other healers.I mean if canada goose uk outlet we saying healing is boring cause it just clicking and staring at canadian goose jacket health values, canada goose coats so is every class lol. Rogue is staring at energy and combo points and boss health. War is staring at rage and boss health. cheap canada goose uk so instead of clicking health bars we just move buy canada goose outlet canada goose jacket around and point and shoot.Like Paladin cone canada goose uk shop of light and healing rain for shaman, etc. Less targeted single heals and just set it up so we can raid heal without clicking on people and just have to keep the tank focused for main heals.It be engaging, you pay more attention to the environment, and mobility would play into it more. you have to turn to point your cone, Canada Goose Jackets drop healing rain on melee canada goose store (like now). canada goose uk black friday etc. In a 5 man it much smaller than the standard party list on the left. A compact box that tells you everything at a glance. I always used Healbot + Decursive, made healing easy.Except for world PvP where you not in a party. My hotbars were where I kept my DPS buttons and I never memorized where in the shit I had any of my heals on them, canada goose if I did at all. there are a few dungeon fights where I kept 4 5 people alive with my Disc priest in WoD, over several canada goose clearance sale minutes, because 3 people thought it be a good idea uk canada goose outlet to pull and after that my group praised me. It was just such a great feeling to be appreciated for what you doing.)I don mean to brag to some stranger here, I just wanted to use this as an example, since tanking and healing really require you to know your class and the classes of your group and the enemy to maximize your ressources. Yeah maybe an average DPS player just goes through their rotation, but an average healer just clicks whoever cheap Canada Goose is lowest on healbot just the same. Playing DPS at a high level is just as in depth as being a good healer.You have to account for boss movement disconnecting you from your DPS, know when to use cool downs to maximize output (pop one right before an invulnerable phase, RIP parse), have to know what Canada Goose Online hits you can afford to take and be healed through vs having Canada Goose sale to avoid the mechanics, etc.And often the good ones need to use multiple DPS specs because on certain fights one vastly outperforms the other, so that learning two specs, maintaining two artifacts, two sets of legendaries, trinkets, etc.

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