The land was inhabited by a subsection of Iroquois

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I have a Bladelock on the back burner for an upcoming game, and used XGtE to flavor some of canada goose outlet nyc the backstory. her Grandmother came upon a cursed sword, and made a pact with whatever was possessing the sword to allow her to use its power.

During a particularly hard fight, the sword was wrenched from her grandmother, and plunged into her heart with the blade breaking off buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet new york city in the process. The spirit in the sword was released canada goose clearance sale into Canada Goose Coats On Sale her, cursing her bloodline. So technically, the character never made the pact, the pact was just inherited. So she gets to canada goose outlet online wield the weapon power, but once in a great while the sword will beckon her to do something, inflicting pain on canada goose outlet uk her if canada goose she does not obey.

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I was playing canada goose factory outlet a Monk a while back, I took the Human Variant uk canada goose outlet with the Tavern Brawler feat, and then multiclassed into Rogue for sneak attack damage as well as Expertise in Athletics. At Level 6, you can First Attack, uk canada goose Grapple as Canada Goose online a Bonus Action, Shove/Trip as a Second Attack. On the enemy’s action, he gets no movement canada goose outlet online canada goose uk shop uk and will likely try to break the grapple, and fail. Then next round, just lay in with Flurry it Blows with Advantage, providing sneak attack. Ends buy canada goose jacket cheap up being something like 5d6 official canada goose outlet on that round alone, with the added bonus of tying up one of the enemies while your party canada goose black friday sale deals with the rest.

The Canada Goose Jackets temple has a prophecy mural painted on canada goose clearance the walls. As the players canada goose outlet in usa enter this room, canada goose uk outlet they discover the first canada goose outlet part of the mural in this room, with each canada goose outlet uk sale room telling goose outlet canada canada goose coats the next part. The overarching plot is the god canada goose cheap canada goose uk outlet black friday of this temple summoning various avatars to canada goose uk black friday complete various tasks in order to prepare for cheap Canada Goose his summoning into canada goose outlet sale a final avatar.

(Black Math made me word associate to Prophecy Air Near My Fingers

Several mages in this room are performing a holy sacrament to imbue one with the power of lightning The first avatar. A battle ensues wherein various cultists defend him. They are privy to sacrifice themselves so the mage can chain lightning around corners to attack the heretics.

(This one made me imagine crackling energy surrounding the air near one fingers, hence the lightning mage)

A towering Knight stands Canada Goose Outlet guard in this room. They see the image of a loved one perfoming a ritual that incentivizes the player to allow them to continue. Any who fail are sent to separate room and the canada goose store party must deal with them acting abberantly as they manically try to defend their loved one. The spell ends when any damage is done to the affected party member.

(The thought of someone asking this made me imagine this thrall situation. He doesn’t remember much, aside from taking his dog for a walk when he was abducted. He awoke in this room with his dog acting strangely in the corner. He attempted to calm the dog when it attacked him. He is upset that the dog did not recognize him.

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After my first year with them, my internet promo price ended, and was going to go up to $100/mo. They told me I could get the same speed with an HBO+Basic package plus internet, only $95/mo. I said sure, sounds good. Part of the charges of that is I getting charged a rental fee for having the cable box (which I don use) canada goose black friday sale and a service fee for supplying cable to the canada canada goose factory sale goose outlet reviews cable box (which I don use). I told them this on the phone and their answer was basically that just the package mang, gotta have the canada goose outlet shop box even if you don use it. keep saying to call them and give them a sob canada goose outlet canada story to go back to the promo fee or threaten to leave, but I worry about if Canada Goose sale they call my bluff; the only other option in my area is CenturyLink canada goose outlet parka and I left them to go canada goose outlet jackets to Comcast because CL canada goose outlet store uk was so much worse. 8 points submitted 4 months ago

I have some knowledge from books my Grandpa had. The land was inhabited by a subsection of Iroquois, called The Susquehannok. Susquehanna translates into something like “the great border,” referring to the river.

At canada goose outlet store first the settlement was called Chenango Point, and was a Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet toronto factory Canada Goose Parka stop for people traversing the path of the Susquehanna, and most of what is now Broome County was owned by a Mr. Bingham. A battle during the Revolution was canada goose jacket outlet fought westward toward Elmira.

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