“We are our best kept secret over here,” Coppage said

Charles Avenue,” Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach entertainment hot spot, would become “Bourbon Street,” and, boldy, the team would call its home county “Horry Parrish.”The logo of the new team name would include a fleur de lis, much in the same fashion as the current logo, which incorporates a crescent shaped moon in the background.A different NOLA themed promotion for every day of the week would be incorporated. The lineup would feature Mardi Gras Mondays, Fat Tuesdays, Wet Wednesdays (featuring 1/2 price hurricane drinks), Thirsty Thursday (featuring Creole Bloody Marys), Big Easy Fridays (featuring the music of Al Hirt, Louis Armstrong, Aaron Neville and other New Orleans legends), Sazerac Saturdays and Voodoo Sundays (Details currently under development).The team game night entertainment would also reflect the newly created team image.The state constable who shot a man during a traffic stop in March is “entitled to immunity from prosecution, according to a letter from the South Carolina Attorney General Office.Solicitor’s office changing the way they handle transfer courtSolicitor’s office changing the way they handle transfer courtUpdated: Friday, August 3 2018 5:44 PM EDT2018 08 03 21:44:52 GMTThe new method for transfer court saves lots of time according to Jimmy Richardson. (Source: Patrick Lloyd WMBF)The new method for transfer court saves lots of time according to Jimmy Richardson.

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